Monday, September 28, 2009

Quick progress update

Been a long time since I blogged here. I have been advising some school kids at a local high school on RepRap which has soaked up my free time and stopped progress on ExMrClean.

We are in the final stretch for getting their RepStrap operational and so it is finally time for me to also get operational so I can hopefully be a step ahead of them for a bit longer LOL!

Anyway one of the resources that they have available to them is a laser cutter and we have been building up an extruder mount out of acrylic to use a mill that they also have access too as the motion platform.

As you can see from the picture they have created a quite intricate structure that will mount up to three extruders and has an option for hanging wingman extruders off to each side.

Here’s a picture with the electronics and some bare PCB’s mounted on the mill.

So anyway back to ExMrClean I requested that they make me a extruder holder for my machine, which they designed and constructed in a couple of hours.

The construction of this design with the mounting screws on the side allowed me to correct for my Z axis not being totally true.